Natural Cleaning Solution For Your Dishes

Homemade natural cleaning solutions are always the answer when it comes to dishes! Most of these natural products are based on three ingredients found in any home: vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda.

In what follows, I will present a recipe of 100% natural dishwashing detergent for your dishes.


400 ml of water;
200 gr salt;
100 ml vinegar;
3 large lemons

Method of preparation:

Lemons should be washed thoroughly to remove all impurities and then cut in small pieces keeping the shell;
Then, you need to mix these lemons in the blender with half the amount of water (200 ml) and salt, for about 5 minutes;
The obtained cream is then mixed with the remaining of 200 ml of water and vinegar. Then put them in a saucepan over low heat.
After it began to boil we let the solution on the stove for about 15 minutes.
Let it cool and store it in containers.

You can use this mixture for your dishes because it is proved to be very efficient. Moreover, the dishes will be shinier then ever.

To remove yellow stains from stainless steel dishes you also need baking soda and vinegar (or lemon juice). This product will help you successfully remove yellow stains from stainless steel pots.

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